This pool is in BETA, that means there is always a risk that things go wrong. I'll do my best to countermeasure any potential issue.

If you have any questions, please contact me by email [email protected]

Getting started

Click here and follow the instructions according to your mining software.

Getting alot of rejects ?

If you have not created separate workers for each rig, vardiff will become inefficient and mess upp your difficulty. This can lead to "low-diff" rejects.

Transactions stuck ?

Sometimes the blockchains are slow on some coins, this can cause delays in confirmations and crediting. If your transaction has a txid you can use public block explorers to verify that the transaction is on the chain. The pool credits mined blocks after 120 confirmations per default. Some coins have a lower maturity rate and can therefore be credited earlier. Other coins have a higher maturity rate, and thus takes longer to credit. Transactions are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

About the pool

Our focus is on stability and reliability, along with ease of use. Many of the other multipools autosell the altcoins and pays you in BTC. We believe that defeats the purpose of the altcoins as it just turns them into a insta-exchange medium. Here, you get what you mine.

We offer several autoswitching routines, such as Profitability, Lowest Difficulty and Lowest Network Hashrate as a way to help the coins that are in need, rather than pump and dump like we're used to see. You can also mine specific coins directly.

The pools software is a compilation of several applications. Our stratum-servers uses an inhouse modified version of Node Open Mining Portal. The pool backend uses our own closed-source software to handle tasks as findblock, blockupdate, txupdate, accounting, payout, tickers, exchange scrapers, system monitoring and much more.

We strive to be the first choice of pool for your mining.

The pool is owned and operated by Bejjan

Pool fees are used to cover transactions and server costs.

Getting started

1. Create account.

2. Download a miner.

3. Configure your miner.

4. Advanced CGMiner settings / FAQ