Notice: All wallets have now been terminated. During the operation of the pool I have spent countless hours and resources to provide you with the best paying multipool out there. Sadly, all good stories have an ending. However, ScryptPool have begun work together with Hashnova to build a completely new high availability mining system. Stay tuned!
Fundraiser I have started a fundraiser to help save Novaexchange. Read more. Refund claimants stay tuned... (2016-09-23)

Pool features

Payout: Proportional (PROP)
Pool Fee: 2%
Transactions: Free! (Paid by pool)
Profitswitching: Autoswitching for most profitable coin.
Rewards: after 120 confirms or 'Generation maturity'.

System status


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Round statistics

PoolHeightExpected SharesSharesRoundDifficultyWorkersPool H/sNet H/sEst. Coins/24hEst. BTC/24h
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